Never Stop Striving

I love the beauty of fall — crisp morning air and stunning sunsets.  A reminder of the bounties of life.  A knowledge that our labors are rewarded as we never stop striving to grow, strengthen, cultivate and transform. This fall has brought great learning opportunities for our family.  During the past two months, we have…Read more »

Mother’s Day and Miracles

The unique traits of women.  Those who help us to become our best self.  Noble women who make courageous decisions.  The tender touch that heals one who is hurting — both physically and spiritually.  One who is always there and cheers for our success.  Women of faith who quietly serve and love others.  Women who…Read more »

A More Excellent Way

“Acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it.”               ~ Henry B. Eyring I often awake during the night.  When sleep does not return, I focus on study and reflection.  The house is still, and I capture the opportunity to strengthen my learning and increase my…Read more »


Mahalo means thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respect. Our time in Kauai envelopes the emotion of mahalo with an additional expression of reverence. A reverence for beauty of the creation. A reverence for solace of the soul. A reverence for tender expressions of love. A reverence for gentle care. I have tried to…Read more »