Tender Mercies

“Great are thy tender mercies, O Lord” ~ Psalms 119:156

I woke this morning at twilight — the moment the sun rises and light begins to spill into the sky and flood the earth.  What a beautiful time of day!  I love the hope, gratitude, and tender mercies that come at this magnificent moment.

I must testify of the sure knowledge that tender mercies have poured down upon me.  Here are a few examples:

This past Tuesday, I had an appointment with my pulmonary specialist.  She recounted the events that occurred as my diagnosis was revealed on June 24.  When the surgical biopsy was performed the previous week, the surgeon had planned to gather one sample from my left lung.  The procedure went well:  the sample was captured and deemed to be very adequate for the required testing.  For some reason, the surgeon felt impressed to gather a second sample.  Again, the sample was more than what would be needed for testing.  Both samples were sent to the Mayo Clinic for further review by the team of pathologists.  It was in the second sample the cancer was identified.  When the surgeon received the pathology report from the Mayo Clinic, he called the pulmonary specialist and wept.  He had followed an impression during the surgical biopsy that provided just what we needed to finally diagnose my health condition.  I know we have a loving Heavenly Father who is very aware of individual needs.  On that day, He blessed the skilled hands of a surgeon to bring this tender mercy to my life.  Without the second sample, the diagnosis would have been delayed.  Right now, we do not have any time to waste!

A dear friend of mine was traveling across the country on her way home and happened to notice a small gift shop on the side of the ride.  She felt impressed to stop.  Inside the gift shop, she found a t-shirt with the following slogan:  “Trust your journey — the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  This shirt was designed by a breast cancer survivor.  My friend purchased this t-shirt and shared the cancer survivor’s inspiring story of courage.  It is not by coincidence that she stopped on her journey home and found this message to lift my soul.  Another tender mercy!

Sweet messages, cards, phone calls, personal visits, prayers, fasting, pleadings — just a few of the tender mercies that have encircled my family with love and hope.

I know we have a loving Father in Heaven who wants to bless us with spiritual gifts and tender mercies.  Our Savior atoned for our sins.  Through this gift, we find grace that enables us to do the things which we think we cannot do.

And so, we move forward with courage, faith, and hope!

Looking forward to July 13 and our appointment with the oncologist to define our treatment plan.

5 thoughts on “Tender Mercies

  1. You have always been one of the brightest lights in my life. Your ability to see the blessings and tender mercies in such difficult times inspires me. Thank you for your example and grace. Sending you much love and healing prayers.

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  2. You are in my thoughts each & every day. I know of our Fathers caring & tender mercies in our lives also as I am so blessed with them also, often. May you be continually blessed as you begin your treatment plan. Love you

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  3. Teri,
    I admire how you have your philosophy of life rooted in an unshakable testimony of our Savior and Heavenly Father. It has clearly been the foundation for most of the decisions you hve made in your life, even seemingly small decisions in your work. Don’t lose sight of that firm foundation as you fight this battle. You know you are not alone. You have an army of people praying you, and a Heavenly Father who loves you. Keep your chin up!!

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