We Have a Plan!

“Trust Your Journey”

Today we met with our oncologist to review test results and our treatment plan.  Richard and I brought our list of questions and sat nervously in the waiting room.  We realized we would leave with a better understanding of our cancer journey.  We continue to be determined to do everything we can to win this battle!

My emotions were visible.  I felt confidence — I know I have many who will help me find answers throughout my treatment.  I felt a moment of trepidation — the treatment will bring challenges that are new to me.  What if I am not up to the task?  I felt tender emotion for my husband and children — one of my greatest concerns is that my family will watch me become so ill.  They are right by my side, but I wish I could spare them some of this experience.  I felt abiding hope — I am not alone in this battle.  I am surrounded by loving family, friends, and a gracious Heavenly Father.

After reviewing PET scan results and genetic tests on lung samples, we outlined the following plan:  My first dose of Carboplatin/chemotherapy will begin this Friday, July 15.  The chemo will be administered by infusion every three weeks.  The major side effects include fatigue and nausea.  The doctors can do a lot to help combat the nausea.  I will also be treated with folic acid and B-12 injections.  After three rounds of chemo, we will do another PET scan and hope to see a change in the tumors.  If so, I will most likely continue with maintenance treatment for a year.  If not, we look for changes in the treatment plan.  The cancer in the lungs is in an advanced stage.

The good news — there does not appear to be any cancer in the lymph nodes.  At this point, we have not discussed additional surgery.  Finally, the cancer is pretty much contained to the lungs.  That is worth a celebration!

As we walked out to the car, I felt like skipping!  I know this upcoming year will be filled with experiences that require all that I have.  This will not be a short journey.  I testify that I am being strengthened through His grace and love.  I am surrounded by an amazing team of doctors and health care professionals.  I will trust the journey.  I am not afraid.  I am humble.  I am grateful.  I am loved.  My soul sings!

Ready, set, fight!


3 thoughts on “We Have a Plan!

  1. I don’t personally have experience here, but I have a dear friend who battled cancer two summers ago. She saw an accupuncturist when things got tough during chemo. She felt like it really helped her. You and your family are in my prayers!

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  2. Teri, you and your family are in my prayers daily. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is such a beautiful testament of faith and hope.

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  3. Your blog is such a great way to let your family and friends understand your journey. It sounds like you have a fantastic medical team to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment. Having somebody in my family who is in a very similar situation, I know it is sometimes hard to find the “right” words to say. I am not the best at expressing my thoughts the “right” way, so I just want to say I sure think the world of you. You are in my thoughts every day. I care about you very much.

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