Unity Brings Comfort

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.”          ~ Isaiah 43:2

Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole.  Knowing that others are with you.  Being together or at one with someone or something. It’s the opposite of being divided. This is a word for togetherness or oneness.

I am in my “recovery days.”  The first days after my second round of chemotherapy where my body feels the greatest impact of the treatment.  The days where I feel humble and grateful for small things that make a difference — ice, medication to help with nausea, rest, and anything that helps with the metallic taste.  More specifically, I am grateful for the united faith of family and friends.  This unity is my greatest comfort.  Here are three examples of being at one with someone or something that have occurred in my life the past week.

First, we held our annual administrative conference at the end of last week.  I was able to participate one of the two days.  As I worked with administrators in my feeder system, I noticed small white ribbons pinned to the front of their lanyards.  Without saying a word, these wonderful people communicated to me their unity.  The white ribbon represents lung cancer.  The ribbon stated we are together in this fight!  I was visibly touched to the core.  Oh, I love and appreciate this effort of unity.

On the day of my treatment, a large community event was scheduled to gather and exchange clothing, cleaning supplies, and medical supplies for local community members and refugees.  The event lasted Friday and Saturday.  My heart ached because I so wanted to follow through on months of planning.  Here are the lessons I learned.  There are wonderful women who willingly stepped in with the details of organization, an army of volunteers who helped to follow through on critical details, and a common thread of purpose that developed as many felt the blessings of service.  I visited for a brief moment on Saturday.  I just wanted to visually see the event come together.  I found great peace and went home to rest.  We had joined together as a whole in a united cause.

Finally, I heard from a dear friend who we met and lived by several years ago.  We raised our families together.  She had organized an effort for several families in the area to unite together in fasting and prayer in my behalf.  These are relationships that weave back many years.  We have not seen many of those involved for a great length of time.  Regardless, this group came together in unity.

And so, I have great faith that as I travel through deep waters, there are many who are with me.  A loving Father.  Our Redeemer who taught through service and love.  A dedicated family.  Amazing colleagues and friends.

A few sweet examples from just the past few days of my life.  Unity helps me dig deep and fight with all my might.  Unity brings me strength, comfort, and keeps me anchored in hope.

2 thoughts on “Unity Brings Comfort

  1. I started my 18th year teaching today and I was reminded, not only of your passion for teaching but the grace, compassion, wisdom, and faith that you modeled in your every day actions and conversations. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this journey. My heart is with you, Teri Timpson.

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  2. Sorry I’m late in responding to your blog. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about you. It was good to see you at the admin conference. Alright brief, nonetheless, great to see you and rub shoulders with you. Loved the scripture you connected to these three experiences. Powerful. Thank you for sharing your light. May you be blessed with strength, stamina, and hope beyond measure. Best wishes, Love The Fishes

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