Time for a Course Correction

“Live by faith and not by fear”  

It has been said, “There are many ways of moving forward, but only one way of standing still.”

This past week, Richard and I had a good visit with my oncologist.  We reviewed my progress and realized it is time for a new treatment plan. My recent PET scan showed the disease is in about the same place.  We are happy we are not seeing a lot of growth and the cancer is still contained in my lungs.  We also discussed the concern that my cough has become worse over the past few months and most likely indicates disease progression.  Together, we decided it is time to change treatment to see if we can get stronger results and a reduction of the disease.  A course correction!

On Friday, April 7, I will begin a new chemotherapy treatment.  The two drugs are Taxotere and Cyramza.  The side effects are very similar to what I have seen in the past.  For the first time during treatment, I will also lose my hair.  I am busy shopping for cute scarves, hats, and most likely a wig.  Just think about how much time I will save in the morning!  After three treatments, we will do another scan to see how the new chemotherapy drugs are impacting the cancer.  If we see positive results, there will be three more rounds.

Richard and I have learned the importance of living by faith and not fear.  The value of course corrections.  Several years ago, we had an opportunity to move our family to a different state.  Because we were willing to change paths, our lives were richly blessed with relationships that continue to this day.  Yesterday, I received the kindest note from a dear friend we met during this time period.  I taught her daughter in a church class filled with three-year-olds.  My friend and her daughter (who is now a young adolescent) were recently in a meeting and heard a song that we used to sing together.  Her daughter turned to her and recalled tender memories of learning the song from me with her other young friends.  As my friend shared this experience in her note to me, my heart was touched.  Because Richard and I were willing to move forward, we continue to realize blessings and relationships that come with course corrections.  I will rely on this learning in the days to come.

And so, there is a new path to travel.  Another opportunity to live by faith.  The realization that now is not the time to become stagnant.  The understanding that blessings will come as I lift my eyes to heaven.  The strength that comes from relying on past experiences to help me move forward.  I’m grateful for a new plan of attack.  I’m ready to keep fighting!

4 thoughts on “Time for a Course Correction

  1. Teri, you and Richard are a constant reminder of true conversion to our Savior Jesus Christ. Your faith and hope in Him surely carry you and lighten your burdens. You are a light and example to us and many others. Our thoughts and prayers are with you . Hugs my friend 💖 .

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  2. I’m so deeply moved by your ability to do a “course correction.” So many of us need to change paths from time to time, whether it’s a small or large, we allow fear to take over instead of hope. I too, am blessed by your “move to another state”, it’s a connection that I cherish everyday and forever. Love you so much. 👩‍❤️‍👩🌺💜

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  3. We love you! Thank you for sharing your testimony and positive outlook. You have an amazing attitude on your circumstance and it so inspiring to all of us! For those of us dealing with much less, it’s a lesson to learn to be grateful in every circumstance and to press forward with faith!
    You are in our prayers. Love you!

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  4. You are brave as you take this step forward. I’m sure you have had time to consider all the pros and cons and the side effects. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are with you and Richard, because you have made them a part of every step on this journey. I’m sorry you did not have better news from your recent Dr. visit. I’m just sorry you have to go through this…and sad. I want you to live a long life and have the chance to rock and sing to your grandchildren! You always find a way to be positive about what is ahead of you. We will pray for you and keep loving you every step of the way. Who needs hair anyways!

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