A Note of Gratitude

I have received overwhelming support the past few weeks.  So much has changed — a new chemotherapy treatment and hair loss just to name a few.  I wish I could sit with each of you and express my love.  The following message will be simple but heart-felt and is meant for all who continue to share your love in a variety of ways.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

I am grateful for the many kind smiles, sweet notes, and gracious gestures of love and generosity.  I have heard from dear friends and former students.  What a joyful time!  There are literally hundreds of thoughtful acts.  Thank you for loving me with or without hair.  Thank you for encouraging me through a more difficult treatment.  Thank you for leaving beautiful gifts on the door step.  And, thank you for beautiful baskets of gifts from schools as well as boxes received through the mail.  Thank you for rallying the troops around me through Teri’s Team or wonderful messages from WJHS students.  Thank you for dropping by just the right treat — soft food that I can eat like macaroni and cheese or tapioca pudding, eclairs, warm bread, Slurpees during treatment, delicious salads made of spinach with berries or a fresh fruit salad, and so much more.  Thank you for driving me documents from the office so I can work at home and still feel like I am productive.  Thank you for taking care of my responsibilities while I am recovering at home.  Thank you for standing by my side.  Thank you for gently holding my hand and lifting my soul.  Thank you for letting me hear beautiful music when I visit your classroom.  This is just the beginning of the great goodness in my life.

I hesitate to list specific names because I don’t want to leave any out.  Please know your charity and kind acts of service are recorded on my heart.  You are literally angels ministering to my very soul.  I am reminded of comforting words from a beautiful hymn: “Each life that touches ours for good, reflects thine own great mercy Lord.”  Thank you for demonstrating true religion in action that imprints a message of hope, faith, and charity upon my life.

This is my simple note of gratitude. I felt compelled to share my expression of thanks with you this day.  My heart is sanctified through your selfless service.  My soul continues to be anchored in hope and is sustained through your charity.  I love you very much!

2 thoughts on “A Note of Gratitude

  1. I am grateful for you and your example. You are resilient. Keep battling with your resiliency and light and love will surround you and be sent your way. -Much love and admiration


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