Important Decisions

At critical crossroads, I have learned how to make important decisions.  A few come to mind:  1) establishing goals in my youth that led to awards and scholarships that provided a way to further my education, 2) attending college and leaving home for the first time, 3) marrying Richard (my best decision), 4) adopting our children and cherishing the opportunity to raise them, 5) returning to college to complete bachelors and graduate work, 6) becoming an educator, 7) moving with my family to Las Vegas, and 8) returning home.  This past week a new crossroad emerged, and I made the decision to move to long-term leave and focus all of my energy on my health and my family.

So many changes have occurred the past six weeks.  I have been hospitalized twice.  I was placed on oxygen 24/7 to help support my health as my disease continues to progress.  I now have a pleural catheter in place to help drain my pleural effusion two or three times per week.  My oxygen levels have improved and I have been able to move to oxygen only at night.  And, I started new chemotherapy treatment as part of a clinical trial.  After considering these changes and counseling with family, doctors, and colleagues, it became clear my decision to move to long-term leave will allow me the time to take care of my most important priorities.

Making the right decision is not always the easiest choice.  My heart has been so tender.  My depth of peace and new understanding has been rich.  I so love working with schools and supporting decisions that make a difference in learning for hundreds of students.  I cherish my relationships with outstanding educators.  I also know this work will continue.  My increased understanding has come as I have, once again, walked in faith and been willing to turn my life over to one who knows all.  The healing balm of the atonement of Jesus Christ continues to soothe my soul.  I am humble and eternally grateful.

Important decisions help us to cherish relationships in our lives.  Decisions require us to sift and sort key priorities.  There are many who continue to lift and love my family as we walk together through my cancer journey.  I love each one of you.  And so I say, “Hooray for new crossroads!”   I can’t wait to see what comes next.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”


Celebrations:  1) moving to oxygen only at night allows me to be more mobile, 2) my hair is growing and becoming thicker, 3) my response so far to the chemotherapy is good — I only have more fatigue and an unsettled stomach.  I can’t complain at all!  4) I actually made dinner for my family the other night.  They are going to enjoy this gift of time in my life, and 5) my fingernails are growing back!

4 thoughts on “Important Decisions

  1. My heart is swelling for you. You are so dear to me. My struggles have been overcome leaving me feeling healed. Yet your struggles have made you so much stronger. You are still teaching me how to be a better version of myself.


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