I have recently started organizing — papers, closets, drawers, journals, and pictures. There is a fun button in my photos app entitled “memories.”  The phone will gather pictures and group them by theme, date, or location.  You simply select the group and enjoy a beautiful video highlighting moments and people that you love.  I sorted pictures related to my cancer journey and shed a few tears as I relived just a few points in time from the past 19 months.

Emotions are tender.  Gratitude runs deep. I am still fighting and doing my best.  I cherish sweet abiding peace and days filled with family and friends.  My life is in His hands.

There is no way to capture every person or moment that has sanctified my soul.  You will just get a taste of beauty that has surrounded me and my family.  If you watch carefully, you will find great joy as well as deep illness etched on my face.  This is my journey!


6 thoughts on “Memories

  1. That was beautiful! What a journey you have been on. And through it all, you’ve had your same beautiful smile! Sure love you and are praying for you.


  2. Teri, You are such an AMAZING person. Thanks for your example. I admire how you and your whole family are positive fighters. May you continue to be blessed with love and peace.


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