Mahalo means thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respect. Our time in Kauai envelopes the emotion of mahalo with an additional expression of reverence. A reverence for beauty of the creation. A reverence for solace of the soul. A reverence for tender expressions of love. A reverence for gentle care.

I have tried to capture the appreciation I feel for this magnificent adventure. Our travel took a little extra coordination of time, events, and medical care. Who is crazy enough to dedicate one entire suitcase to medical supplies? Thanks to the encouragement of my hospice team, we packed that suitcase with confidence. And, we boarded the plane with a prayer in our hearts we would only need the daily supplies and not the “emergency” items. Richard and I chose to live life and in turn created eternal memories together. My lungs embraced the clean, moist air. Each breath punctuated my appreciation for this window of time we have shared together. Mahalo to my extraordinary caregivers!

I have marveled at the grandeur of this lovely island. Just this morning, we observed the most beautiful rainbow that stretched over a lush valley filled with several shades of green. We have thankfully paused to capture gushing waterfalls, observe turquoise ocean water, breathe in exquisite flowers of all shades and varieties, feel the coolness of sandy beaches, and marvel at blazing sunsets. We have courageously found great adventures — helicopter rides, luaus, boat excursions, lovely drives around the island and up to the canyon. Mahalo to the breathtaking creations of which we are a part!

Our visit has been soothing to my mind and body. The gentle rhythm of the ocean pushing in and pulling out is mesmerizing. I find myself breathing deeply in this same rhythmic fashion.  The longer we are here, the more my thoughts are stretched in the same direction. I cherish time for deep reflective thinking. I tend to arise early and listen to the variety of birds that welcome the new day. Another quiet moment to express gratitude for my many blessings. Mahalo for this time of healing — solace for my soul!

This is a tender time. We take advantage of each minute to demonstrate kindness, compassion, and love. Oh, sweet love! Our expressions of appreciation have become more quiet. A deep look that conveys a knowledge of covenants and blessings. A tender touch to help manage pain and convey warmth. As I look at pictures, I realize the toll cancer has taken on my physical body. Richard describes me as “fragile.” What we have learned is love endures all physical changes. Mahalo to my eternal love!

I bow my head in gratitude and reverently whisper, “Thank you for this sliver of time where we have celebrated beauty in my life.”  Kauai has provided sweet moments to be remembered forever.  Mahalo!







4 thoughts on “Mahalo

  1. Teri. When I saw you were there in that beautiful place my heart was so happy for you. Happy that you could be there to breath the soft air, to see all the beautiful flowers & beauty that is there in that beautiful part of our world. I too love that place & have many wonderful memories of that experience. It will always be with me. Sure hope that you can have a stress free trip home. It’s always hard to travel, even when you feel 100 percent. So glad you got to experience that beautiful place. Best to you & Richard. Love you.


  2. Sweet Teri – Your words are poetry. Thank you for making my day a little more beautiful and lifting my spirit by allowing me to read more from the masterful way you express yourself. I have always thought of you as one of the most gifted persons I’ve ever known. Thank you for sharing those gifts with me— your example, your leadership, kindness, work ethic, intelligence , beauty and compassion (to name just a few). All gifts for which I will always be grateful. Thank you.❤️💕❤️💕 -Marie


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