A More Excellent Way

“Acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it.”               ~ Henry B. Eyring

I often awake during the night.  When sleep does not return, I focus on study and reflection.  The house is still, and I capture the opportunity to strengthen my learning and increase my faith.  I was touched last night by the gentle thought, “You have been blessed to find a more excellent way.  Everything will be fine.”  A more excellent way — isn’t that what we all desire?  The simple reassurance that all is well.  The understanding that life is rich, sweet, and joyful.  The importance of relationships with God and those we love.  A more excellent way.

This simple truth is priceless knowledge.  I am grateful to find the courage to acknowledge that my family will also be fine.  That is all I ask — sweet blessings for those I love.  My cancer journey has refined my soul and provided an avenue to teach and testify.  As my faith increases, hope fills my soul and my desire to serve others intensifies.  Thus, I do remain anchored in hope.  My entire journey has been anchored in hope.  What a beautiful miracle — I have been willing to open my heart to a more excellent way.

I was recently asked to think about the topic of faith.  My response went something like this:  “When we have faith in Jesus Christ, we believe in Him as the Son of God.  Faith leads to action – obedience, repentance, service and genuine love. It is the sweet assurance that, through the Savior’s atonement, we may return and live with a loving Father in Heaven. Faith is sacred to me – a reverent acknowledgement that we can understand and accomplish all that is required of us. Faith brings richness to our mortal experiences. We know that through faith we receive inspiration and promptings that help us to become true disciples.”

During this Easter season, I reverently acknowledge my faith and relationship with the Savior.  He is our Redeemer.  Our Friend.  Our Healer.  Our Exemplar.  He is the Son of God who atoned for our sins.  Our Messiah.  He is always there.  He has shown us a more excellent way.



2 thoughts on “A More Excellent Way

  1. Teri you have shown us a more excellent way. Your example has taught more in a short time that we may not have gotten from another over many years. I’ve wanted a “Teri crash course” of teaching. But learning from you doesn’t feel frantic. It is taught with a spirit of love and peace and eternal light and knowledge. You have and will bless my life forever. That is comforting and such a special blessing. I love you so very much. Your sister and friend forever and ever.


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