Mother’s Day and Miracles


The unique traits of women.  Those who help us to become our best self.  Noble women who make courageous decisions.  The tender touch that heals one who is hurting — both physically and spiritually.  One who is always there and cheers for our success.  Women of faith who quietly serve and love others.  Women who can see our potential when we can’t always find it ourself and who gently help us make course corrections that bring success.  All accomplished with patience, kind words, honest feedback, and a divine example.  The very essence of motherhood.

IMG_5321We recently celebrated Mother’s Day.  I honor my mother who has always helped me to feel loved and nurtured.  She is lovely!  Her friends and acquaintances speak of the many times she served them.  She made courageous decisions during her life that helped her return to college and earn a degree in elementary education.  My mother retired the first year I started teaching fifth-grade.  She would come each week and volunteer in my classroom.  I never wanted to disappoint her!  Together, we have shared a passion for education.  We have also shared a calling to serve those around us.  In her declining years, we are now helping her with more of her daily care.  I am grateful for my sister, Valerie, who has opened her home and created a place for her.  I pray for my mother’s comfort and understanding of the deep love I have for her.  She is noble and valiant.

IMG_5322I immediately loved my mother-in-law.  We met in November 1981.  She created fun whenever we visited!  Richard recalls his mother gathering with her friends around a large quilt in the living room and and working late in the night as they laughed and enjoyed being with each other.  For our wedding gift, she presented me with one of her beautiful quilts.  It is a treasure.  She raised a wonderful son who has always treated me with great respect.  She was honest with all around her.  I think that is a great quality!  She loved beautiful, colorful things.  My mother-in-law passed away in November 2015.  I think of her often.  A few weeks ago, Richard’s sister came to our home and put colorful decorations in our yard.  A little something to cheer us up!  My first comment when I walked out the door was, “Your mom would have loved this!”  I know I will see her again.

One of my greatest honors is to be the mother of Brittany and Bryce.  Our children were born within my heart through the adoption process.  Raising them has been a divine calling.  A blessing from heaven.  It has been the desire of my heart to help them understand their great purpose.  To be grounded in goodness, faith, and courage.  To know how deeply I love them.  Every minute of every day.  I will always pray for their success.  We never give up on each other.

We spent a wonderful weekend together.  Richard, Brittany, and Bryce brought a variety of flowers, treats, and heartfelt notes.  My soul was content.  It felt like a little piece of heaven.  They know how much I rejoice in the beauty of the earth.  It feels as if my senses have been heightened to appreciate the loveliness around me.  The most important gift was the time we spent together.  Another perfect moment!

And now for miracles — a few weeks ago we had a little scare.  My oxygen levels dropped very low.  Even with oxygen support, I struggled.  I could hardly lift my head without feeling faint.  The change was sudden.  I wondered if I would ever regain my strength.  Fortunately, my palliative care PA came to the rescue.  She taught me how to use medication to help my body relax and recover from a breathless state.  She stayed right by me, coached me, and reassured me.  What a gift!  Our bodies are miraculous.  My strength is beginning to return.  During the past few days, I have been able to go without continuous oxygen support for periods of time.  If I could attempt a cartwheel, I would give it a try!  Hooray for miracles!  I know I am being watched over.  Thank you to a loving Father in Heaven who continues to provide me with a cherished window of time.  How great Thou art!

“The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother”





2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Miracles

  1. Once again Teri, such beautiful thoughts & words. You are so blessed to be able to express & share your wonderful thoughts & put into words such great meaning. You lift us all. May you be lifted & blessed as you continue your journey. You are always in my heart. Aunt Mavis


    1. Thank you for your kind message. We have been blessed! I have wonderful memories of visiting you and your family in Idaho. It was always a treat for us to stay with you. Thank you for your continued support. I feel the strength of your faith and prayers in my behalf. Take care!


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