A Note of Gratitude

I have received overwhelming support the past few weeks.  So much has changed — a new chemotherapy treatment and hair loss just to name a few.  I wish I could sit with each of you and express my love.  The following message will be simple but heart-felt and is meant for all who continue to…Read more »

The Joy of Maintenance

“Think joy, talk joy, practice joy, share joy, saturate your mind with joy, and you will have the time of your life today and every day all your life.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale Joy!  A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  Rejoicing.  Jubilation.  Exhilaration. Transitioning to a maintenance treatment schedule has brought joy and hope.  An…Read more »

Findings from the Latest Scan

Richard and I met with the oncologist last Wednesday to review results from my latest PET scan.  I go through a period of “self talk” prior to appointments where we discuss results and my treatment plan.  The following messages roll through my mind:  “Focus on positive change,” “Trust the journey,” “Rely on the expertise of…Read more »

Ringing the Celebration Bell!

Yesterday, I reached my first major cancer milestone and rang the bell.  The celebration bell!  There were cheers throughout the room.  Fellow patients on their own journey were lifted as they recognized that milestones will come.  Nurses and doctors cheered because they understand the work that has happened the past four months of chemotherapy —…Read more »

Cancer is a Great Teacher

Those who know me know I love and honor young people.  I am a wife, a mother,  a teacher, a former principal, and a district administrator.  I have also had many opportunities to teach various groups in different church settings. Many years ago, I was asked to teach a group of three-year-olds each Sunday.  Let’s…Read more »